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About Art Escapes

Comments and reviews

"Art Escapes encourages the artist and the doodler to turn everyday life experiences into a creative adventure. It's fun, exciting and full of creativity. It really appealed to the child within me, the part of me that isn't afraid to try new things and have a good time doing it. " - Claudia Nice, author of several books including Sketching Your Favorite Subjects in Pen & Ink, How to Keep a Sketchbook Journal and Watercolor Made Simple.

"As an author of books for children, I have always admired the skills of great illustrators. But I never thought that drawing and painting were something I could do. Then I took one of Dory's classes. I was freed by her methods and her encouragement. Her book, Art Escapes, captures her teaching style perfectly. It gives anyone the skills and tools to feel comfortable expressing themselves visually." - Adrienne Keith, author of Fairies from A to Z and Fairies: Celebrations from Season to Season.

"Whether you're a world traveler trying to capture a fleeting moment in some faraway place, or a backyard adventurer who wants to see your own world with new eyes, Dory Kanter's Art Escapes will provide all the inspiration you need." - Margie Boulé, columnist for the Oregonian newspaper  

"Art Escapes is just like its author, Dory Kanter. It's full of joy, inspiration and practical advice. You'll want to complete every exercise! This book will make you smile as you learn to improve your art." - Judy Morris, AWS, NWS, author of Watercolor Basics: Light

"Art Escapes is a bright sanctuary where the reader is given permission to explore his or her individual creative potential joyously and without fear. Dory Kanter insists that there are ways to access personal meaning in the subject matter of one's daily life, and in this book she reveals just how to do that by offering diverse and simple exercises. This book is not only for those who want to learn to 'make art' but those who also ultimately desire to remember the joys encountered during the journey of their lives." - Deborah DeWit Marchant - artist, author of Traveling Light - A Photographer's Journey

"If you have a creative heart, and love to make art as an expression of that creative heart, then you want to have Art Escapes by Dory Kanter not just on your reading shelf, but at your side at all times. Dory opens up a world of possibilities to those of us who love to doodle, or draw, or paint, or merely wander through the worlds of paper, ink, and color. Her project ideas are interesting, engaging, achievable and, perhaps most importantly, artistic! Dory's gentle, guiding words make it easy to create rewarding artwork strictly for your own pleasure and encourage us all to schedule more art escapes into our daily lives." Niel DePonte, Founder and President, MetroArts Inc., Music Director and Conductor, Oregon Ballet Theatre

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