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Page-a-day ideas

Keeping a visual journal can be easy if you commit to just a "page-a-day." How can you possibly find enough subjects? How can you not? Draw your cup of coffee, a cloud floating by, the cat sleeping. Your subjects are all around you—waiting for you to notice them. Page-a-day ideas are scattered throughout Art Escapes. Here are a couple to try.

Café Art

One of my favorite journaling activities is what I call Café Art. I complete a page in my journal in the time it takes me to finish sipping a drink. I discreetly write, draw and paint my daily journal entry while enjoying a private moment, away from the demands of others. Treat yourself to a café art date each week and take advantage of a perfect page-a-day journal opportunity.

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The Collection

One of the joys of travel is becoming aware of the differences between cultures. Gather together a group of items spiced with local color—objects delightfully different from home or special in some singularly foreign way. The subjects of your journal collections are the direct reflections of what you uniquely observe and love about the country, state, or city you visit.


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