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About Art Escapes

Table of Contents

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Secrets to Successful Artistic Journaling
A few tricks to get you started

Chapter 1

Assemble Your Supplies for Creativity
What tools you'll need and how to organize them

Chapter 2

Have Fun and Keep It Simple
Jump in with these easy exercises and learn how to paint the world with just three colors

Chapter 3

Opportunities for Everyday Creative Moments
Capture your experiences with techniques you can use at home and on the road

Chapter 4

Putting It All Into Perspective
Masterpieces made simple, drawing and painting without tears

Chapter 5

Art Assemblage, Collage & Other Inspiring Ideas
Combine your paper scraps, mementos and photographs into works of art

Chapter 6

Let's Go Outside and Paint
Inspiration, shape, value and color - how to make a painting sing

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